set your date and chosen your venue. You’ve also decided on the type of wedding
you going to have as well as the theme. So what’s next?? Invitations! We’ve
talked about invite wording in a past article (we’ll repost it soon), so this
week we’re going to explore custom invitations.

invitations are uniquely you!

such as Carlton Craft and Invitations by Dawn offer very beautiful choices in
invitations. But if you and your fiancé want something that’s totally unique to
you, consider having them custom designed. They can fit your theme, colors and
style to a “T”, and no one else in the world will have the same invites as you

hiring an invitation designer

DIY is
always an option for you (check out your local craft store), but consider
hiring a professional designer to translate your ideas into something tangible.
They are experts on typesetting, colors and paper…and, they are SO creative!
They can also help you tweak your wording so it reads and flows beautifully. And
lastly, if you like, they can take the burden of addressing and mailing them
off of you!

about budget?

As with
anything custom and unique, these invitations may be a little more expensive
than DIY or non-custom ones. If having invitations that are all your own are a
priority for you, consider adjusting your budget to allocate more money for
this and less for something else.

long do they take to complete?

because your custom invitations are designed with you in mind, the turnaround
time to complete them may be a little longer. Find out from your designer what
the options are for rushed availability if needed (don’t forget, they still
have to mailed so that guests can respond in a timely manner). Your wedding
planner can work with you to ensure you stay on schedule with this (and other)
wedding tasks.

Planning Assignment

your wedding invitations is a task that is not to be taken lightly. When your
guests receive them, your invites will set the tone for your special day, and
give your guests an idea of what to expect. Whether you go custom or not, this
is a very important decision. Happy Planning!