Five Tips For Planning Your Wedding In Six Months

You Just got engaged, and you and your future husband want to get married in six months…are you panicked? No need to have a meltdown…use these tips to help you get it done!

Make a plan (and write it down)

Outline in detail what you need to accomplish by month. Reference a bridal planning timeline (found on wedding planning websites or in magazines), then organize each task by the month you need to get them done. There are a couple of things you will need to prioritize and accomplish in the first month, including finding and booking your venues and choosing your dress. And speaking of dresses, they can sometimes take up to six months to come in, so ask your bridal consultant about whether a rush order can be placed (and the additional costs associated with it).

Get and stay organized

Determine how you’re going to keep all of your proposals, contracts, and other important information organized (file folders, electronically, etc). And make a commitment to regularly keep things in order. For tips on how you can do this, check out our free class “I Have The Vision for My Wedding, but Where Do I Start?” at

Don’t fall behind schedule

Because your timeframe is short, you can’t afford to lose any time. Enlist the assistance of a wedding planner or a very trustworthy friend (who knows something about weddings) to help you research vendors, schedule appointments, accompany you on planning meetings, etc. There is a lot of do in a limited amount of time!

Avoid indecisiveness

You want to choose venues and vendors that fit you, the type of wedding you’re having, and your budget. But, you don’t have a lot of time to be indecisive. When choosing a vendor (a florist, for example), compare the ones you’ve met with, talk to some of their past clients, list their pros and cons, and make a decision!

Take some time for yourself!

You may wonder why I’ve included this one here. Taking time for yourself would seem to be counter-productive, stealing precious time away from wedding planning. Yes, you are working with a short timeframe, but you MUST take time for YOU. You cannot be productive while you’re tired and stressed out. A great idea is to treat yourself to a half-day at the spa as a reward for accomplishing several major tasks; this will give you some incentive to keep pressing when you get weary. And don’t forget to spend quality time with your future spouse (and you should NOT talk about wedding stuff during your quality time together).

Your Planning Assignment

Plan your work and work your plan! Planning your wedding quickly can be a bit daunting, but it can be done! Keep the five points above in mind, and get ‘er done!