The task of choosing a wedding planner is not one that should be taken lightly. The person you hire will be a part of your life for quite some time (a year or more in some cases), so it’s important that you take your time in making this very important decision. As you consider a planner, what qualities should you look for?


When a person loves what he or she does, it shows! Your wedding planner should show enthusiasm about working with you and planning your special day. Don’t get me wrong, wedding planners have bad days just like everyone else, but their overall mood should be one of heartfelt excitement about what they are doing!


What is passion without knowledge? Your wedding planner must know what he or she is doing, and must be able to articulate that knowledge to you. If you have a question, your planner should be able to answer it or get an answer for you. Beware of those who don’t take the time to answer your questions or are condescending when they do answer! Also, a wedding planner should use his or her knowledge and experience to plan for certain risks. For example, if you want an outdoor wedding, your wedding planner should immediately suggest having a ‘Plan B’ in case of inclement weather.

Open-Mindedness and Flexibility

This is your wedding day, not the planner’s! Your wedding planner should be open to your ideas and help you make them come to fruition. If the planner sees that a particular idea may not work in a certain situation, he or she should suggest another way to make your idea happen. But the planner should never impose his or her own will on yours!


Trust is built over time, and should be displayed in the fact that your wedding planner is a person of his or her word. He or she follows up as promised, and should let you know if there will be a delay in responding or answering your questions. He or she should return calls and emails in a timely manner (don’t forget that planners have lives too, so please be reasonable in your expectations). The responsiveness continues well after you signed the contract and throughout the life of your working relationship.


Having many years of project management experience, I can tell you that a wedding is a project, with lots of details that must all come together to make a beautiful occasion. Your wedding planner must be a detail-oriented person to ensure nothing is missed.


I’ve listed this quality last, but it’s certainly not the least! Your wedding planner should be a kind person who cares about you.  As I stated earlier, this person is a part of your life for an extended period of time, so he or she should genuinely want to ensure you have a beautiful wedding day. You should be treated like an individual, not just another paying client.  When a planner stops caring about the couples he or she is working with, it’s time to close up shop!

Your Planning Assignment

As you consider hiring a wedding planner, ponder these characteristics. They will help you find the person who’s just right for you. Happy Planning!